Personal Statement: A Career As An Artist

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I’m a person that likes to be fully through with something before committing to the final piece. A lot of planning and thought is put into something before creating the final piece, but because of this, I doubt myself on whether or not I’m doing something successfully and how I can make it better. I’m aware that of the areas that need improvement and I look forward to the changes as I strive for improvement as an artist.
My education is very important to me because it influences my work. My skill level as an artist and my knowledge has improved greatly. As semesters passed and I took more studios, I realized that I enjoy taking studios because they challenge my skill as an artist through new mediums, techniques, and ideas. For me, a BFA isn’t just a title but a way to explore and experiment with other mediums while also focusing on yourself as an artist through studio courses for improvement and knowledge.
In my art making process, I do lots of research and sketches that I record in my sketchbook or digitally. I like to try new things and ideas. My ideas constantly change and adapt to whatever medium I’m working with. Creating a variety of sketches helps me get the general idea for the pieces and helps record the ideas I had which are useful to look back at for future
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I don’t think that an artist should just have one theme to their work, that an artist should be flexible and be able to create a variety of work. Since my ideas are constantly changing I don’t want to be focused on just one subject or medium. I used to focus a lot on the hidden observations of life but now I focusing on basic foundations and personalization of work. I’m currently working on my animation foundations through storyboards and practice of movement cycles as a way to get familiar with new programs. Recently I’m trying to make my work more personalized by using personal experiences as influences for future

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