The Importance Of Musical Medication

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Musical Medication
(A persuasive stance on the necessity of music)

Music has been around since the dawn of mankind. Humans have discovered an art form that has created an entire industry and become a main source of entertainment in all cultures. From the original instrument of the voice to electric guitars and auto tune, humans seem to continually rely on music. Music serves as a primary source of entertainment in all cultures. The art of mixing sounds to produce an appealing noise serves as a story telling device, an expressive device, and even a communicative device. Music is specific to cultures, but is universal at the same time. The popularity of music derives the question of whether music is a luxury or a means of survival. Opinions
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Everyone has rough times, heart break, stress, and many other struggles during life. Some people are pushed to the brink by all of these things, and even consider ending their own life. For many people, music serves as a primary instrument for preventing this complete breakdown of the mind. Music can soothe, teach lessons, and make a person feel like they aren’t alone. There is an intimate relationship between the artist of a song and the listener that has the amazing ability to have serious impacts on the listener. Playing music, listening to music, or writing music can all serve as that release that was previously mentioned to relax the mind. Without music, some minds would consume themselves; loneliness would prevail, thoughts would go too deep, and the results could be very negative. Music can be overrated because it is continually present, but imagining life without really puts things into perspective. There is something special about listening to emotional music depending on what you are feeling. This goes back to expressing yourself; music can truly say what your words fail to say. Science probably says a lot about the effect of music on the brain, but music proves itself to any listener who has heard a happy song on a bad day. Music can be extremely effective in reinstating inner …show more content…
Music is one of the greatest forms of expression for people all around the world, and it helps release an array of human feeling and thought. Also, music connects people in ways that language could never do. Lastly, music is entirely necessary for inner stability, and aiding mental health. Music has created a huge industry which provides millions of beautiful songs to people around the world every minute of every day. Sometimes we may take music for granted, and assume it is simply a luxury in our lives. However, imagining life without the staple of music is mildly horrifying. Technology has advanced music in fantastic ways, but we can’t forget that music existed far before any advanced technology. Clearly music has proved to be necessary for humans because it has lived and advanced so far since the beginning of human existence. All doubt of music’s supreme power can be extinguished by the simple listen of your favorite song or on a rainy day; music will prevail through the

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