The Importance Of Music Within African American Culture And Life

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performers” (Karpf 146). This article was not only relevant, but also extremely educational and beneficial to my understanding of the importance of music within African American culture and life. After conducting my interview with Rakeem, I think it would be injustice to not explore the roots and development of education among inner-city schools. Rakeem, having attended a historically black college before coming to Bowling Green, highlighted on the similarities and differences between the two. Rakeem talked a lot about the educational gap between what he learned at his pre-dominantly black schools compared to Bowling Green State University. Rakeem said he often times felt ill-prepared and less intelligent at BGSU. Kathryn M. Neckerman, author of “Schools Betrayed: Roots of Failure in Inner-City Education,” says that segregation and poverty are primary sources of educational inequality” (Neckerman 1488). Often times, these schools are set up for failure due to a lack of funding from the state level. Neckerman says that teachers and administrators often play a large role because they may become unmotivated and lose their passion for education while employed at struggling inner-city schools. While talking about his inner-city school experiences, Rakeem talked about his passion for youth development as a result of his exposure to the negative aspect of education in Washington, D.C. Marnie W. Curry, author of “Being the Change: An Inner School Builds Peace,” says that many…

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