The Importance Of Music On Education

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Music programs are being cut from an increasing number of schools across the country each day. Making the choice to rid a school of its music program is like making the choice to rid a school of its education all together. Music in schools is much more than an elective, and few people know this. It is a tool that affects students in a way that will help them succeed and become more intelligent members of society. It alters the way the brain develops, the way someone learns, and strengthens motor-skills. It increases brain activity, changes how people feel, and leads to better memory retention. Overall, music strengthens the brain and gives a person life long advantages. Listening to music, playing music, and singing have too many educational …show more content…
It has an incredible impact on emotions and mood. Some songs may cause feelings of sadness or joy while others cause feelings of relaxation or excitement. These feelings, when brought on by music, are caused by the rhythm and tone of the music. While a person listens to a rhythm, the heart begins to sync itself with that rhythm. For example: fast beating is associated with excitement, while a dreamy rhythm that has an occasional upbeat could identify as love or joy ( Although rhythm is important in creating a mood, tones are just as equally important. The Influence of Music on Neurons (2007) says, "When the tone and tempo of music is altered, different portions of the brain are stimulated which have neural connections that detect the happiness or sadness of the song." The way a song sounds depends on what type of key it is written in. A piece written in a major key tends to sound more cheerful. A piece written in a minor key usually sounds less cheerful and more sad. All of this makes a tremendous impact on our psyche and actually makes us feel the music. There are hormones that cause the "get up and go" feeling that are felt felt in the morning, and those hormones peak at breakfast time. Keep this feeling going by playing light, easy, and cheery music right away in the morning. Soft tones and soothing sounds will also decrease depression, sadness, and anxiety

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