What Role Does Music Play In Writing

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Everyone has their own strategies on how to start writing a major paper or even a simple response to a question. No matter what it is, there is always one way that is liked more than another.
Although, what is the role that music plays in the writing process? Is it good or bad or is it neither?
Even with a strict outline in one’s hand, music might squeeze its way into that outline without even being reconsidered. But, what is music? Music consists of sounds, silence, words, chorus, rhythms and beats and even an individual singing, in which you might share some type of connection with.
Music might help in the process of someone writing by allowing them to focus or even given a person some type of inspiration to help them continue. On the other
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Fabian said that the music he generally listened to contained lyrics and caused him to become distracted easily, so he would often refrain from listening to music while writing. The result that was gained form Fabian was that the role of music in the writing process was absent.
The last student, Anita shared some of the same views as did Adriana. When I observed
Anita, I noticed that while she wrote she would sing along with the music that was playing out loud. Although, the music did not stop her focus and she was able to write without stopping for several minutes. In her interview, she told me that music was like a comfort food for her as if she could always turn to it. The role that music played in her writing process was that it was something that she had to always depend on. Music was a necessary tool to help her complete any work that she was doing.
The role music plays in my writing process is that it gets me going. Writing is a tedious activity that seems to always keep me busy. When writing you should generally be focused and concentrated at the task at hand and try not to stray away from the goal ahead. In my own experience, the act of listening to music while writing has allowed me to enjoy writing on
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Even though music causes distractions like; stopping to jam out or forgetting what I was trying to write, there’s nothing wrong with a break here and there.
Even in the article, The Composing Process of an Engineer, by Jack Selzer one can compare the role of music to the way an engineer composes their work. Selzer states,” It is not clear if Nelson uses some kind of private heuristic to develop ideas or if he might have developed a mental checklist of some sort from his past experience with certain documents that unconsciously guides his brainstorming”(pgs.180-181). This shows how music just as easily can be a way to develop ones idea in one way or another.
In conclusion, the final idea that was drawn from this project was that music plays a role in majority of individuals writing process. Music was a tool that was used to help people concentrate and be able to write. Although, not in all cases was music a priority. As seen, there are always some people who find music not to be accommodating to their circumstance. Music’s role in the writing process, is that it is merely a strategy used to accommodate the other necessary tools needed to construct a piece of

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