Releasing The Imagination Analysis

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Music is a universal language that plays a significant role in all cultures. Music can potentially be a responsive pedagogy across curriculum subject. Music is a form of art which allows us to enhance our experiences and develop personal connections. Like, music teaching is also a practice where educators are to discover their own teaching identity. Curriculum, instructions, and assessment are all steps educators must take when teaching students. Yet, when it comes to teaching curriculum within our classrooms the power of music is often overlooked. In fact, music is one of the most effective tools used to enrich the students learning. As a future teacher one of the most important aspects of teaching is developing a strong form of interaction with the students. This is done through a student-centered learning approach. Music is a tool that can assist our teaching by enhancing …show more content…
Greene, describes how learning is enriched when students enjoy the activity. In fact, when creating curriculum through a different art form like music students become more engaged and retain a greater amount of information. Music is a teaching device which can be collaborated with every subject. for example, students can learn vocabulary through song. In actuality, the first things we are introduced to are songs and nursery rhymes, like The Alphabet. Even in adulthood, many people still hum or sing the lyrics of a song or rhyme to remember something. Music encourages the development of language and metacognition allowing studnets to listen, understand and repete. As a matter of fact children are known to only say about one thenth of the vocabulary they understand. The main reason children don’t use the other 90% of the vocabulary they know is because thay are not comfertable enough to pronounce these words due to their lack of

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