The Importance Of Music Education In Public High Schools

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Music is everywhere: on the radio, in cell phones, on the television. There is no need to wonder why educators impress its importance and express the need for its presence in schools. That being said, a fine line exists between the desire for such education and its necessity. While many people believe music education should be a fundamental aspect of students’ lives, I question the extent to which this should be the case. Specifically, I do not believe that music education should be a part of public high schools’ required curriculum. First and foremost, music education provides few or no benefits to students who do not plan on continuing music of any sort beyond their secondary education. While there are a number of students who choose to advance their music education past high school, most will not. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau in …show more content…
By viewing music education from this standpoint, the futility of requiring it in secondary public schools becomes clear. If anything, it might be helpful requiring music education in elementary or middle schools, simply because of the positive effects music has on developing young minds. Even then, though, educators would continue to confront budget problems, but at least the other issues previously mentioned would, for the most part, be diminished. High school acts as the key point in students’ lives in which they must be able to develop their own decisions about their interests and determine what will benefit them beyond high school and what will not. When students demonstrate the capability of choosing what will truly enhance their lives, whether music education is included in that path or not, our nation is at its

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