My Reflection Of Writing In My High School English Portfolio

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I have been writing for over half of my life. Throughout the years, my writing has developed from simple sentences, to profound paragraphs, and finally to embellished essays. During my development as a writer, I have explored many different aspects of writing, and as a result, my writing portfolio from the past four years is diverse and well-rounded. As I started to think about the pieces I wanted to include in my English portfolio, I reminisced about my writing classes and assignments throughout high school. This prelude to my portfolio is meant to explain my writing background, to show how I found my voice in writing, and to describe the pieces I chose to include in this portfolio. Within my four years of high school, the English curriculum …show more content…
To start, I went through my high school English portfolio to see which essays met the requirements of the Portfolio Placement Program at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. While doing this, I was astounded to see how much my writing has developed and blossomed since I started high school. I read through some of my essays and decided which ones collaborated with the portfolio requirements, and I determined which essays exhibited my best writing and gave light to my personality and interests. Next, I brought the essays to my English teacher so that she could review the essays I chose and make sure that she thought they displayed my best writing. She also proofread them with me and guided me in putting the final touches on my portfolio. To finish, I read through each essay carefully and started to write this letter. As I write, I enjoy reflecting on my high school years and finding out what I cherish the most in writing. In brief, I worked diligently toward perfection and completion of my portfolio, and in doing so, I learned more about …show more content…
First, I included “The Importance of Music Education” because my interest in music is represented greatly within the essay. Also, it clearly proves that music is essential to school curriculum. I wrote this persuasive essay for my Essay Writing class at the beginning of my junior year. To follow, I added “Leadership Lust” to my portfolio. The book Lord of the Flies was one of the two summer reading books for students entering their senior year, and “Leadership Lust” was the first writing assignment for me as a senior. The assignment was to take an aspect of the story and give adequate examples to support that particular aspect. I included this essay because I think leadership is a characteristic that everyone should develop in order to succeed in almost every aspect of life. My last piece “A New Journey” was the final writing assignment of high school. The purpose of the assignment was to have the seniors reflect on the past four years and to think about the years ahead. In this reflective essay, I was to act as if I were portaging a canoe to get to my next destination. While writing this essay, I realized I need to leave some things behind because the canoe could not hold much weight. I had to choose the items carefully and decide what is important to me and what would prevent me from moving ahead. I chose to include this essay in my portfolio because it

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