A Place That Changed My Life

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Moving is never a easy experience especially if it’s in between your freshman and sophomore year. Leaving the place where I first learned how to speak English and play basketball was very scary and hard. To make matters worse I tend to act really silly and ridiculous when I’m sad or angry so nobody really thought that I wasn’t really looking forward to a whole new life in a completely different place; however, I knew that the place where we were living was not doing any good for my mom and my dad’s job was stressful to the point where it was causing him to have really high uncontrollable blood pressure and sugar. That’s why I just sucked it up and didn’t really tell anyone that I really was not looking forward to moving to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. After school ended in June we packed our bags and flew to the new town …show more content…
I just got caught up with the basketball team, my new dog ,Chocolate, and the new people I meet, they weren’t anything like Regina George, so I after a while I didn’t even remember any of the people at my old school. With the way I was now being treated here by the people at school I realized that I didn’t really like any of the people in my old school and that they didn’t really like me either. I realized that moving to this new place was one of the best things that had ever happened to me in my life and that I acted like a dramatic brat for a whole summer when I could have just sucked it up from the start and enjoyed my time off, because now I want to go to all of these places and have now time between all the things I’m involved in after-school and my classes. I just want to remind myself from now on that even if I don’t like a certain situation at the time it may become something amazing that causes me to not be able to picture my life any other

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