The Importance Of Movies And Television On Life

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Movies and television in XXI century became one of the main ways to inform, present people important aspects of humans’ life. In 2015 more than 1,50 billion of people worldwide had access to television, which means this is one of the greatest tools to influence people’s life. The television as well as movies has an enormous power, which can be good, but sometimes dangerous. This kind of media has an amazing and quite short history, but already have a large impact into the life of people. Television and cinema are now a normal expect of millions of people around the globe. Fortunately or unfortunately still millions of do not have any contact with cinematography and television. Because television has good and bad sides, which people should remember …show more content…
At the start of XX century cinematography was only to bring joy and hilarity to hundreds of people. Now it is made to do something else like educating by films. Learning a new foreign language by watching untranslated film or TV series is a really popular way. The words used in movies are mostly the words use often by the native speakers. So a student watching a film, TV series has a chance to hear how native speakers of this language speak, what kind of words they use. Thanks to movies and television people have a chance to be more fluent in a foreign language. Moreover, language is not the only thing, which can be learnt from movies. Documentary films are gaining year by year more attention. These films are about important things in human life, starting with the right and healthy diet to major social problems like racism and serious illness. These documentaries are supposed to make society aware of problems, which so people face every single day. Films are really graphic and precise about the topic and it is easy to understand the problem, which many can even not notice. People are aware after watching that kind of entertainment what is like to be different, sick, black/white in the world. Social problems aren’t the only thing, which very good showed in films. Nature, and science are also often the topics of the movies. Wildlife, physics and chemistry experiments are well presented to public, so it is easy to understand how the world of the human race lives works like. Science films are full of important and wise information, which can be used in school by teachers and even students. Films have this amazing power to educate by entertaining people at the same

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