Herzberg Motivation Essay

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A successful business is a great accomplishment in today’s world. Many people credit the owner with accolades for his success. Although, in the majority of cases a great deal of a company’s success is dependent upon strong leadership and motivated employees that are encouraged to be successful in their job performance. As we have learned, motivation is often the key to producing successful and productive employees, which in turn produces a successful business.

Leadership is often the bridge to motivating employees of a company regardless of its size. “Managers of all types of organizations, including small firms, need to motivate their employees to remain competitive.” (Akers). Competition is often a key motivator in many people. When competing we work harder to achieve a goal or a win. How much training goes into that hard work is usually dependent upon the coach or in business, the leader. A promotion is often a goal that an employee seeks
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Losing employees to other companies that offer better incentives and higher wages can become costly to any business. Advertising and interviewing for a new employee is not only costly, but also time consuming. Needless to mention the time and attention it takes to train a new team member. This is why motivation must be implemented by leaders in any company. “Herzberg’s motivational factors include achievement, recognition, personal growth and personal investment.” (Akers). When a company invests in their employees there is a strong likelihood that their employees will be dedicated to that company along with having motivation to be extremely productive at work. “According to the theory, these factors can stimulate employees to perform at a higher level.” (Akers). High job performance from employees will more likely than not, result in a successful

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