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Motivation Motivation involves achievements and goals that always require performance. My students with learning goals see the purpose of schooling as gaining competence in the skills their being taught, whereas my students with performance goals primarily seek to gain positive judgments of their competence (and avoid negative judgments). “Students who are striving toward learning goals are likely to take difficult courses and to seek challenges.” (Slavin 2012 p.295) Motivation is simply drives my future students to work hard and pushes their limits to reach their goals and succeed.

Verbal Praises
¬ There is always magic in verbal praising. We do not need to give a treat all the time. The more we praise children, the better their performance
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“The effectiveness of inclusions for students with disability varies – some groups and individual student benefit; others don’t. This is one reason why inclusive remain controversial in some segments of the disability community (Freedman, 2013).” Research shows that regular students tend to have greater acceptance and valuing individual differences and they can even have the capacity for genuine friendship. But I believe on being excluded too because, “Educators are not the only ones battling over inclusion. Not all parents of students with disabilities support the approach. Some parents fear losing special-education services they have fought for and believe their children will be "dumped" into regular classrooms without appropriate support”. (Cromwell, …show more content…
We need to understand the level and the age of these students. I was teaching basic level, so I need to be patient and fun to keep the students attention. Teaching high school is different, since this students are learning at a fast pace and don’t want to be taught as new students. Special education students even need a different teaching style.

Tools are important to have while teaching your students. My evaluations showed different students liked different tools of learning. Some enjoyed the video I showed, many liked the book, others enjoyed the visual aides, while others like the popcorn experience. This is an example of how students will learn a topic from different learning style.

INTEGRITY - We are accountable in everything we do. Before we become a teacher, we should be a role model as a believer. I believe that we represent Christ for we are the body of Christ. We are making our identity as a servant, so we can guide “All” our students to their journey towards more truthful

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