The Importance Of Morse Code

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Dah-Dah Dah-Dah-Dah Dit-Dah-Dit Dit-Dit-Dit Dit (Morse) Code can sure take up a lot of time. However, it still does not compare to how people used to communicate before Morse Code was even invented. Morse Code was actually a huge time time saver because instead of people having to wait weeks for a messenger, in just a few minutes they could un-code an important message. Morse code was actually a great leap towards the invention of telephones and cellphones to follow. Just like Morse Code, cellphones have indeed revolutionized history because of the quickness it offers to contact people far away. Cell phones are very convenient when trying to communicate with someone but risks have also emerged. Risks like irresponsible texting and health issues …show more content…
They can ring them up any time and demand to know their location or maybe just ask what they would like for supper. Some crazy parents have even implemented a tracking device inside of their kids’ phone. Although on another note, families are now losing their communication skills because of this. Surprisingly it’s not just the kids, but adults too. It’s came to the point that while being in the same house people have become too lazy to walk and they send a message instead. Being any case, this gadget has the ability to contact anyone no matter the distance and thus save people time and …show more content…
Phones release radiofrequency energy waves and bodies perform a great job at absorbing some of that energy, of which is not good at all. It is especially dangerous when phones are used for maximum amount of hours glued to people’s ears. Recommendations are being made to substitute a wireless device such as a bluetooth earpiece or wireless earphones over the phone. Maybe that is why Apple’s newest iPhone 7 has made it mandatory to use wireless headphones. However, the amount of harm that this may cause is still under investigation and there are no clear links to phone radiation and brain tumors. Although, it is still advised to remain cautious and avoid excessive contact of cheek to

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