My Philosophy Of Education: More Than Just Education

More Than Just Education
Growing up I was surrounded by teachers who encouraged me to always do my best and to never give up. They were the kinds of teachers who wanted to see all of their students succeed and would go above and beyond to make that happen. I have always admired the drive they had to make school fun and exciting for each student. They are the reason I want to be an elementary school teacher. Being a teacher is something that I have always seen myself doing with my future. I want to continue in their footsteps by impacting the lives of students in the same way my teachers did before me. I cannot think of a more rewarding career than teaching young minds how to believe in themselves in and out of school.
Most people do not realize
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Elementary school teachers are a kid’s first school superior and they must set them up for their educational careers. Year after year, children come from different backgrounds and families. In some cases kids are at a disadvantage in certain subjects, but that is why teachers must do everything in their power to make sure they are not left behind. This can involve after-school tutoring, or extra assignments to reinforce school the subjects they may be struggling with. It takes the right teacher to help students “All children are capable of learning, if they have the proper motivation and direction from their teachers” (“Philosophy of Education”). They not only love what they do but they love the difference they make in each student; it is their job to encourage their students to do their best. As one teacher says, “It is my duty to see that all my students are motivated” (“Philosophy of Education”). The teachers who acknowledge their students’ good behavior and progress in class will create stronger students than those who point out their mistakes. A positive and caring classroom will make for …show more content…
In our society, not everyone is made to be a teacher especially for elementary age children. It is certainly not an easy job “Teaching young minds is a task that cannot be taken lightly. It is full of challenges, frustrations, and responsibilities. However it is also full of excitement, wonder, and joy” (“Philosophy of Education”). For those willing to take on the job of teaching our nation’s youth are some of the most kind, open minded people there are. They must do much more than teach they must get to know students on a personal level. Teacher-student relationships are extremely important to success on both ends (Heckel). For teachers, each student can act as a learning experience for how they can improve their teaching approach. Every year they will only improve upon their teaching techniques. Teachers have the ability to touch student’s lives in ways nobody else can. Nobody else is with them everyday for eight hours, trying to improve them as students and as people. Most everyone can name a teacher they had that impacted their life growing up; whether they gave advice about personal experience or they helped them push through a tough lesson in class. Teachers are so important for our country’s future “Our nation’s most valuable profession is teaching” (Morehead). It is true because we can all trace back to learning from someone who genuinely cared about their

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