The Importance Of The Trickster Figure In The Winnebago Culture

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Morality tales have been told for centuries, and will continue to be told for centuries to come. The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and The Ant and Grasshopper are all prime examples of tales that offer valuable lessons. Each story guiding listeners to never boast, to always tell the truth, and to take responsibility. These stories greatly resemble the Trickster figure, who’s clever and foolish soul gets him into trouble. This mythical being is mentioned in stories throughout the Winnebago culture, as well as our own modern day culture. The Trickster figure is important to the Winnebago culture due to the moral teachings the fictional character brings. At young ages, we were taught the importance of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the significance behind speaking the truth and straying away from lies. The Winnebago culture much like our own …show more content…
The Trickster fails time and time again as he continues to run into trouble, not learning from his mistakes and remaining clueless to his actions. The Trickster pushes socially acceptable values and teaches children especially, the consequence your behavior can have on you and those around you. Children nowadays look at Bugs Bunny or Swiper, a sly fox from Dora the Explorer. The Trickster figure is found in many children stories as well as shows and movies, he helps shape and guide children at a young age. I have grown up watching and hearing of different Trickster figures and I believe his legacy will continue due to his impact on society. All in all, the Trickster figure is represented as different characters throughout many cultures, he serves as an example to children and anyone who listens to these morality tales, his presence will forever be needed due to the impact he has in shaping a humble, sincere

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