Wealth And Freedom In The Great Gatsby

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While wealth can enhance one’s freedom, The Great Gatsby shows how wealth can be abused, which in turn disrespects the freedom that money brings, as wells as that of the country. Throughout the novel, we see many characters views on wealth and living. In the very beginning, we are shown how Nick feels about money and treating others, as well as how he realizes that everyone has different opportunities in life. Carelessness of money is displayed in The Great Gatsby, which is a large issue pertaining to wealth and freedom. Gatsby has worked to gain his wealth and standing in society, and as the story unfolds, we see how it affects his life. This book is built on what people see as the ‘American Dream.’ Being financially successful and free in …show more content…
A little before three the Lutheran minister arrived from Flushing, and I began to look involuntarily out the windows for other cars. So did Gatsby 's father. “And as the time passed and the servants came in and stood waiting in the hall, his eyes began to blink anxiously, and he spoke of the rain in a worried, uncertain way. The minister glanced several times at his watch, so I took him aside and asked him to wait for half an hour. But it wasn 't any use. Nobody came”(182). The lack of attendance shows how people simply used Gatsby and did not really understand him beyond the rich man that threw extravagant parties. On the other hand, Gatsby was so consumed with the desire to be rich in order to regain the love of Daisy, that he too never made genuine connections, only those that served his "business." We see in the end, that just because Gatsby has built up wealth doesn’t mean he has the freedom to anything that he wants. I think F. Scott Fitzgerald displays to his audience how the American Dream was perceived during the time period of The Great Gatsby. Then, the American Dream determined by being affluent, prosperous, and having a high social class; all of which was and is hard to obtain. There are many definitions of the American Dream shared today, but the most popular promotes everyone’s equality and freedom to work toward success and prosperity. Wealth brings freedom, but to live a fulfilling life, one must be conscious of others opportunities and know how you use your money can affect others and you own

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