The Importance Of Money And Money

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Money and wealth has badly influenced an undergoing change in our society for 21st century Americans today. We all want money and love spending money even more on food, clothes, technology, vehicles, and etc. There should be certain limit in “wanting more money”. Although money is amazing to possess, it is starting to affect people especially in the sports industry with player’s always wanting more money every year. On the other hand we have soldier in the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force all over the world risking their lives every day for our country, but they do not complain or at least constantly ask for hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Celebrity pro athletes these days don’t find their fame are not satisfied enough with their fame, especially when it comes to fortune; once they strike big deals with their teams who offer massive amounts of money, they start to want and expect more overtime. Football player Dez Bryant, the wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys …show more content…
So that way our home land of the United States of America stays safe from terrorists and warfare. This is a big issue because men and women who risk their lives do not even get paid a lot or enough to last them after they retire from act of duty. When a lot of them retire, they end up homeless or without even a job and then some are not able to help support their family’s financially afterwards. “Everyone knows the dangers of being in the military. Many military members put their lives on the line every day, which makes them some of the most underpaid people in America. “With this being said it just proves how true those military soldiers are so unselfish to do a job where they put down their lives for their country without asking for a price tag on

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