The Importance Of Modernism

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Modernism was a movement which transformed traditions, identities, and beliefs with world-shattering activities such as doubt, experimentation, inquiry, and individualism. It took place between 1900 and 1950, and reached its peak in the 1920s. There are famous authors from the modernism age, like Oscar Wilde who has written "The Importance of Being Earnest", T. S. Eliot with his famous work "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and James Joyce writing "Ulysses.” All three writers disrupt the relationship through their use of themes, language and structure techniques that marked the breakaway in literature from the traditional romanticism that held huge provenance in the Victorian era. All of which have changed the way in which the world accepts …show more content…
They were the ones reaping the wealth which this era brought. These writers took it upon themselves to explore a world that goes beyond the surface of what reality is truly about. They were influenced by Freud’s psychoanalytical method, and by doing so they gave life to repressed emotions. The world was seen as a different place, things that we don’t speak about saw the light of day. This goes hand in hand with stream of consciousness, other specifics of the modern era. The human mind is complex, and knowing how it works is just amazing. That’s why in most works we saw how these characters had spilt personalities. This is what made this era so controversial. In a way we were getting to know who people are, how they truly felt, and how society condemns …show more content…
Now this is topic many would have like to be kept buried. Authors made an exceptional job at creating techniques that engaged readers. They even got banned, and some placed in exile for the raw truth. A truth that many questioned; who dared explore homosexuality? Why even write about it? They were deemed crazy, it just wasn’t possible. Traditions are not to be changed, but respected and given utmost importance. The Rainbow, by D.H, Lawrence, was the epiphany of this modern era. There was a fight for acceptance, change, experimentation, and adaptation. Modern artists took it upon themselves to reveal a world filled with flaws and that hunger for change.
Modernism laid the foundation for today’s literature interpretation and development. These works may bring challenge to the readers, because some have unexplored topics which they find it difficult to conquer. The amazing thing of it all is that it presents a work with so many colors that distinguish it from other eras. It was and still is an era that caters for that individual who wants to

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