The Importance Of Modern Energy Resources

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Nowadays, having reliable and affordable modern energy resources is crucial since it plays a significant role in building a sustainable and stable environment system.

Targets that the goal aims to are measurable

Most of the targets can be easily measured by analysing data or observing the social influence..

Firstly, building universally accessed modern energy services will be workable. Since the measuring system "CWEEDS" can easily collected the data of energy distribution in Ontario, scientists can figure out whether energy is appropriated distributed (Hoicka, Rowlands,2011). Thus it is not a challenge to analysis energy access in the global wise.

Secondly, the proportion increase of renewable energy is also measurable since renewable
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Ecological advance reflected by climate. For example, "Coal utilization technology produces carbon dioxide more than other fossil fuels" ,which means the amount of carbon dioxide is used to evaluate the efficiency of a workable energy and resource (Makino, Noda, 2011). Therefore, data collecting will be an efficient method to analyse the improvement rate of energy efficiency. Beside ecological aspects, geographical aspect is also taken. The system CWEEDS traces Ontario 's energy distribution and usage. Thus, technologies measurement makes the assessment of global wide productive and could obtain precise result in small time interval. Moreover, social aspect is the most widely used one to reflect the progress. Economic and population development can efficiently reflect the status of energy development because "energy consumption is increasing due to population growth and economic development" (Mohammadnejada, 2011), and therefore any fluctuation in population and economy 's development trend will be a result of increase or descending on modern energy. Since the amount of renewable energy, cooperation and technology development will influence the economic and population growth efficiently, and social aspect become a crucial factor to measure the

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