The Importance Of Misbehavior

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With this knowledge, it is important to remember that when children are treated with dignity and respect they will be more apt to liking their teacher, and will, in turn, want to please their teacher. When students want to please their teacher, behavior problems decrease, thus creating a smoother classroom climate. This is why it is so crucial to remember that when it comes down to student behavior, building positive relationships with students, more times than not, will result in the rules being followed and negative behavior decreasing (Boynton, M., & Boynton, C., 2005).
Two-By-Ten Strategy
If unwanted behavior is already in play, the use of a relationship-building strategy is a great way to eliminate the problems. Oftentimes when children
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Taking the time to get to know a disruptive child, will allow the teacher to get a feel for why the behavior was occurring (Curwin, R., & Mendler, A., 2008). It may be that the child doesn’t know how to express their feelings, emotions, needs and desires and act out to get what they feel they are missing. If a teacher can meet a child’s basic needs, there will be no need for misbehavior. It is important to make sure that all children feel loved, cared for, and like they belong (Aven, …show more content…
The child, if observed in class, will be engaging in a whole host of disruptive activities, all of which appear geared toward getting attention. It would be nothing noteworthy for children like this to have the teacher intervene with them every few minutes throughout a class period, but why not just give them the positive attention they deeply desire for two minutes a day for ten days straight? Students that are seeking attention could benefit from the “Two-by-Ten” strategy by receiving attention that is positive and not as a consequence for inappropriate behaviors (McDougall, 2004). ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Content) author, Lisa Kitzmann, stated in her book, Winning Strategies for Classroom Management that, the Two-by-Ten strategy, “helped me target the kids I was struggling with and gave them more structured attention.” Her statement shows that these few minutes offered to attention-seeking students will help the child feel like they are valued, that they belong, and are important to the teacher (Kitzmann, L.,

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