Essay on The Importance Of Minors Adults At The Age Of Fourteen

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Although some states consider minors adults at the age of sixteen, they may not necessarily have the capacity to take control of their own health care issues including but not limited to birth control. This argument ensues because one may feel that it’s the parents’ responsibility to handle all health care issues while another may feel that some heath care issues should remain confident. As patients we provide information in regards to our health care only because privacy is guaranteed and anonymity is in place. Often sexually active minors, minors who are infected with sexually transmitted diseases tend to elude counseling or health care because their private lives would be evaded. Many states have come to this realization and allow minors to make their own decisions about health care. In order for treatments to flow smoothly and be accurate, patients have to feel comfortable enough to divulge certain information. In any event that the patient feels that the information will be shared the may not provide accurate information. Teens can often be very volatile and unenthused as it is. Minors are at an important stage emotionally during pubescents. Because parents usually play the financial role in minors’ health care the confidence has to be altered. Advocates for Youth .org reports that “the parents ' financial responsibility for… raising their children and the state 's interest in protecting family autonomy are concerns the health care provider must…

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