Deborah Character Analysis

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As usual, I had to a do a little research to discover who played some of the minor characters, and I did ascertain that while this cast has some notable and recognized professionals, there are also several outstanding newcomers. Thankfully, all the actors and actresses work together to make this another of my favorites of the holiday season. In fact, at the end of this film, I declared that this is unmistakably my kind of film.
No stranger to the screen, Deborah gives a blissfully magnificent performance as Mrs. Hinden, the one who is sympathetic to Allie 's plight. After all, her character has experienced true love, and she only wants the best for Allie and Max. Deborah is flawless in her role as her character is always at the precise place
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While I 'm fairly sure I have seen him here and there, this will be the performance for which I shall cherish him. While Pavel embeds the expected formality that one requires when in the employ of royalty, it is evident that he has not forgotten the essential (and simple) things in life and even the ability to have fun. He is partial to Allie from the beginning, and he never hides his aversion to the Chancellor nor Celia. Although he is merely the royal butler, he is more savvy than most of the people in the castle. Pavel is able to characterize Fergus in such a way that he becomes a confidante and a fount of wisdom for both the king and the charming woman who is wooing the king 's heart. I was thoroughly enthralled with Pavel 's prowess, and I actually think I need to look up more of his works in the months to …show more content…
From the first time they lay eyes on each other, it is evident that some spark has been passed between them. In an uncharacteristic singular fashion, Max almost cannot speak, and he surely cannot take his eyes off the attractive maid. Similarly, poor Allie is fully tongue-tied and completely nonplussed by the attention of this handsome man (and she doesn 't even know his true identity). Allie speaks her mind to Max, and as he tells her later, "not many people speak their mind around here." And that is something he appreciates about her. In Allie 's case, it is more the fact that she looks past who he is on the exterior and sees the authentic man who has been shrouded for so long by doing what is "right" and "keeping up appearances." In truth, a vibrant, spirited, charitable man lives beneath the frosty exterior of King Maximilian, and it is Allie who almost instantly slices through the icy layers to reveal the man inside. This is demonstrated through all their interactions together, but my favorite is the snowball scene--hands

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