The Importance Of Mindfulness Skills

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One can practice mindfulness through meditation, contemplative prayer, and mindful movements (e.g. yoga, martial arts, walking). The core mindfulness skills are wise mind, “what” skills, “how” skills. A wise mind includes one’s state of mind. There is a reasonable mind that is rational and logical, a wise mind that is seeing the vale of both reason and emotion, and a emotion mind that is ruled by moods, feelings, and emotions. Ways to practice What skills include observe one’s body sensations, paying attention to the present, control that attention, practicing wordless watching, observing both inside and outside of oneself, put words to experiences, label what one observes, throw oneself completely into activates in the current moment, becoming …show more content…
As a result, many individuals in the early stages of recovery have a hard time identifying what they are feeling and why. The goals of emotion regulation include understanding and naming emotions, decreasing the frequency of unwanted emotions, decreasing emotional vulnerability, and decreasing emotional suffering. Emotion Regulation skills focus on validation one’s emotions, including learning how to identify a specific emotion and it’s function, reducing one’s vulnerability to negative emotional states and increasing positive emotional experiences, mindfully letting go of painful emotions, and/or modulating a negative emotion when …show more content…
This is essential to good mental health since, as Linehan notes, “pain and distress are part of life; they cannot be completely removed or avoided.” Mastering these skills is vital to recovery since eating disorder symptoms are often used to provide immediate gratification in the relief of pain/distress. If someone is not able to tolerate distressing feelings without acting on symptoms, then those impulsive actions will continually interfere with efforts at recovery. The goal of this module is to decrease impulsive behaviors (i.e. self-harm, bingeing, purging, etc.) by providing alternate healthy ways of coping with negative emotions such as self-soothing, distracting, and thinking of pros and

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