The Importance Of Mindet On Learning

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The way people teach has become a tradition. Even now, that there have been studies that prove there are more effective ways for teaching, there has been little change. There are more variables in how quickly someone learns than what most believe. Learning is not necessarily just dependent on the person. There are many inconsistencies that impact an individual’s learning. Learning is dependent on the teacher. However contrary to popular belief, there are more variables that effect success in learning, than just the teacher. The environment and motivation have huge impacts on learning. Some other examples are length of instructional time, and the type of mindset an individual has. The way the material is presented and the engagement
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: There are two main types of mindsets: one of those is a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset means that a person does not believe that they can become more intelligent (Blazer, Christie, 1). People who have that mindset will only do tasks that they are good at doing and avoid challenges (Blazer, Christie, 1). They will sacrifice huge opportunities to learn (Blazer, Christie, 3). However, if the person is great at what they are doing, they will lean towards that task over another (Blazer, Christie, 3). Dweck said “Coast to success time after time; this experience can create the fixed mindset belief that you are only smart if you can succeed without effort (Blazer, Christie, 3).” This means that if you succeed and find no setbacks, your will find success but not find success in other areas. If a student is prepared in a topic, but he/she still has a fixed mindset, he/she will find success (Blazer, Christie, 4). A fixed mindset can slow learning in …show more content…
: Motivation has a huge impact in learning. If a student doesn’t want to learn, than he/she will not learn as much as the teacher might want him/her to (McNiell, Fry, Charles, 34).There was an experiment conducted on 11-13 year old students, and all of the students had at least a moderate performance climate (McNiell, Fry, Charles, 37). In this test, the male students did respond better to the class; however, there was not a major difference in the overall performance level (McNiell, Fry, Charles, 34). Banker and Thorpes stated “that if we can help children to ‘understand’ games, and to reduce the importance attached to the teaching, or techniques, in intricately controlled climates, than the joy and satisfaction will be open to children of all abilities” (McNiell, Fry, Charles, 36). Through this test, it has been proven that children respond well motivationally to learning through the Games Concept Approach. Also, it has been proven that Teaching Games for Understanding gave the students a strong mastery climate and enhanced learning. (McNiell, Fry, Charles, 36). Through several different experiments, it has been proven that games motivate children (McNiell, Fry, Charles, 37). A Fifth grader, who was learning through the Games Concept Approach said “I like the excitement when I or my friends score” (McNiell, Fry, Charles, 37).Games are huge in learning and there was even consistency between the females motivation and the males motivation (McNiell,

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