The Importance Of Mind Maps

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“The mind map is an expression of radiant thinking and is therefore a natural function of the human mind. It is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain.” In simpler words, a mind map “is the easiest way to put information into [our] brain and to take information out of [it].” It can also be said that mind maps are innovative and practical thinking tools to process information. Their primary aim is to take advantage of our cerebral capacity. “The mind map can be applied to every aspect of life on which improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance.”
Mind maps were popularized by the English writer and educational consultant, Tony Buzan as a result
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As it was said above, mind maps are the reflection of our mental maps, in this way they are personal constructions. They show what connections an individual has made, his previous knowledge and also, his imagination. Having said this, it is fundamental to state that there is no “perfect” mind map, our productions are completely open to interpretation. “Educators who insists on singular approaches and the “right answer” are ignoring what’s kept our species around for centuries. Humans have survived for thousands of years by trying out new things, not by always getting the “right” tried-and-true answer. Good quality education encourages the exploration of alternative thinking, multiple answers and creative …show more content…
Use one key word per line. Single key words give our mind map more power and flexibility. Each single word or image is like a multiplier, generating its own special array of associations and connections.
7. Use images throughout to enrich the mind map.

Mind Maps in the English Classroom

The Teachers’ Challenge: to Teach Students How to Make Mind Maps
Educators should provide students with clear instructions to guide them in the process of drawing mind maps. A practical strategy for developing mind maps can be to divide the class in groups of three students each. The teacher will give each of the groups a sheet of paper with instructions written on it. The instructions should be as precise as possible for students to understand what they have to do.
As students receive the steps to make mind maps, they will try to put them in order, and then, go to the front to do what is required. The idea is to make a collaborative mind map while learning the necessary steps to process information efficiently.
Once they have created the first mind map, then, they can analyze different examples of mind maps and discuss if the authors have followed the steps to create it, or not. In this way, students will become familiar with the instructions and elaborate their own

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