The Importance Of Millennials In Nursing

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In the article “How do you solve a problem like millennials?”, the author states,“The number of millennials in the workforce is quickly increasing. In just five years, employees born after 1980 will comprise 50 percent of the American workforce” (Halsey). In the next decade millennials will be relied on by nursing programs to help take over for retiring baby boomers. (Halsey). Nursing is a career that will always be needed, it has become a popular career choice for the millennial generation. Students in nursing programs have noticed higher standards for grades, and experience throughout the past twenty years. The material for nursing majors has drastically changed, by decreasing the amount of hands-on learning that nursing students need. The …show more content…
A nurse must be kind, nurturing, and selfless. In the article, In Nurse Education Today, the author states, “From a patient perspective, gratitude is part of the inherent foundation for the patient–nurse relationship” (Fournier). The relationship between the nurse and patient benefits both equally. Patients receive care from nurses, but they also are able to have relief during their illness, knowing that the nurse is their to care for them and nurture them. Nurses are able to give a sense of relief to patients, and to let them know that they are in good hands. As a nurse, we are able to love, and give compassion towards everyone patient in need of care. The article, “Advantages of Becoming a Nurse”, states, “We develop communication skills and open hearts which make us more loving members of our own families. We become tolerant, and appreciate the diversity of all of the people on this earth” (Bratianu). People who have the opportunity work in the field of nursing are given the opportunity to help bring joy and comfort to patients and their families in their time of need. The benefits of nursing are being able to show love, and compassion towards others, and in return nurses become more loving and

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