The Advantages Of A Midwife

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In the world a child is born every four seconds, a midwife is essential at several of these labor and deliveries due to their positive influence on the mother in labor, the baby being delivered and the postpartum stage women face after delivery. Midwifery is a very imperative job because they deliver, prepare and care for babies in many different environments. A child being born is one of the happiest moments in a parent 's life. With a midwife by the mother 's side, the bonding experience between the mother and baby increases significantly.
Midwives are trained professionals with skills in supporting women to maintain a healthy pregnancy and recovery (Mana). There are four different types of midwives; certified midwives, certified nurse midwives,
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Homebirth is said to give an amazing environment for mother-baby bonding by allowing continuous physical contact between the patient and the child. Women have given birth in their homes from the beginning of time. Today in the U.S only 1-2% of births take place in homes. This was until the 19th century, when birth was shifted to hospitals, and babies were mostly delivered by male physicians. Homebirth gives fathers and partners a role in providing comfort and care to the women in labor. These benefits are carried onto siblings and others who witness the birth in the home. Many people believe it is safer to give birth in a hospital rather than in a home just in case there are any major complications with the mother or baby (Mana).
The earnings for each midwife may vary due to the education, experience, employer and location of the individual (Career Cruising). Most full time Certified Nurse Midwives range from making $70,000 to $90,000 a year (Salary). Some midwives who run birth centers or who are very experienced in their career can make upwards to $100,000 a year (Career Cruising). Midwives who work for doctors, hospitals or clinics usually earn benefits (Career Cruising). Depending on the employer midwives can earn paid vacation, sick leave, pension plans and medical insurance (Career
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After becoming a registered nurse, an additional program must be completed at an accredited school for midwifery (Rntobsn). Usually a Bachelor 's Degree or a BSN is required for acceptance into one of those accredited programs. The additional program is typically two years in length and can lead to a master 's degree or a doctorate (Rntobsn).Some programs will allow those who do not have a BSN still in the program and the they would be given an accelerated nursing education prior to the midwifery section of the program (Rntobsn). After completing all of the educational requirements, it is required to a pass a qualifying exam before given the title as a midwife (career

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