What Is The Implication Of Micromanaging

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As part of my responsibility as a show producer, I have to delegate one of my assistant producers the task of crafting accurate notes for the host. Once my producing team was assembled, I called a meeting to explain the how the notes should be for both hosts by explaining the format, while handing out templates of notes that were used from the previous seasons of the show. The individual, who I will call Leigha, volunteered to construct the notes for the host(s) on the first taping day. Recognizing that she had another time consuming crew position, I cautioned her for taking this significant responsibility, advocating her that she should pass that task to somebody else on the producing team. Leigha assured me that she could handle both positions …show more content…
Research has shown that the implication of micromanagement is that workers cannot be trusted to: (a) finish a task on time; (b) finish a task at all; or (c) finish a task to specification (Bernard, 2006). While research has shown these factors are the primary causes, my explanation for micromanaging were not for any of these reasons at all; I didn’t want to have a bad show for something that I can control. I learned later on is that Leigha constructed the notes the last minute because she was performing a balancing act, trying to perform her duties of her two crew positions, her other classes and being, as she jokingly put it, a full time mom. In order to keep the relationship between everyone in my Producing Team, I have decided to have an open discussion regarding the issue. Having an open, honest discussion can not only help the relationship between work colleagues, but also allows individuals to participate in the decision making process (Gilbert, Carr-Ruffino, Ivancevich, & Konopaske, 2012, p. 39). As a result, the members of the producing team took turns crafting the notes, while Leigha was able to perform her other crew

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