Metabolism Research Paper

Marjeanne Compton
LIFE 221
Semester assignment. Introduction
According to Webster (2017) assimilation is the integration or exchange of nutrients into protoplasm which follows digestion and absorption within animals. Metabolism consists of the chemical reactions that sustain a living state of your cells and organism in your body. Metabolism is the source of energy and balance in your body. (Central, C. 2017).Metabolism is all chemical reactions involved in preserving the living state of the cells and the organism. It is linked closely to nutrition and the availability of nutrients. The formation of energy is one of the vibrant components of metabolism (Mandal, A. 2013).
1. The hepatic portal system
After a meal the hepatic portal
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The glucose, fructose and galactose are usually stored in the liver and muscle cells in the form of glycogen. When there is a shortage of glucose in the blood, glycogen is converts into glucose. Glucose is used when energy for body activities is produced. A large amount of glucose is transformed into fat and stored as such (Manisha, M. 2017). Once absorbed glucose is transported in the hepatic portal vein to the liver it is either broken down in respiration for energy or kept as glycogen. Stored glycogen is released as glucose under the guidance of the hormones insulin produced in the pancreas which also controls its use in the …show more content…
Without the liver the body would not be able to function as it should. Energy is the main factor mentioned in this essay and it shows just how important metabolism and assimilation is when it comes to producing energy for the body.

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