The Importance Of Memory As An Epiphenomenal Record Player Essay

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Memory as an Epiphenomenal Record Player Memory has two definitions, (1) the faculty and capacity for the mind to store and recall information, and (2) the mental content of that information which has been stored. Over the last century, psychologists, neuroscientist, and philosophers have attempted to explain this phenomenon in a variety of different ways. First, psychologists have reduced memory to simple behavioral states that result from exposure to an experience over the short or long term (Rudy 5). Second, Neuroscientists have attempted to reduce the phenomenon of memory to mechanistic material explanations to show that it is little more than the complex circuitry of the brain, and its relationship to external processes and stimuli. As such, contemporary neuroscientists have gone as far to say that memory is little more than a “theoretical concept used to explain the fact that experience influences behavior” (Rudy 3). Finally, philosophers such as Andy Clark and David Chalmers have argued for an understanding of memory, where memory is equivalent to a notebook. As such, all of these theories have, in varying degrees of success, attempted to explain the primary definition of memory as a capacity for mental storage, but none of these theories sufficiently explain the content of that stored mental information. The purpose of this paper is to show that the concept of memory is more complex than psychologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers previously thought. In this…

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