False Memory In The Movie Memento

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Why we should not believe our memories
Memory is the capability to encode, store, and retrieve information and past experiences. Our memories are an important part of our lives. We think our memories are reliable and we should trust them, but the truth is, memories are not always accurate. Memories are malleable and can be manipulated into the way we want and other people can also do that too. Many factors can distort memory. Sometimes humans can create false memories. Memories can be distorted because they are the reconstruction of our experiences and are not actual records of events.
In the movie “Memento” directed by Christopher Nolan, the main character Leonard tries to get revenge on the two men who murdered his wife and caused his disability. Leonard suffers from anterograde amnesia because of the incident, which means he is unable to form new memories. Even though he cannot form new memories, he still can recall memories of his past before the attack. In his memory, he was an insurance investigator and he recalls
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They can be implanted into a person’s mind. People with false memory truly believed that the memory of the event really did occur even if it is entirely made up. False memory could be mixed memories of separate events. In the TEDTalks video with Elizabeth Loftus, Loftus explains how false memories can be implanted. Experiments were done to suggest it was possible to plant false memories into a person’s mind. In one experiment, the participants were told three true stories a made-up story from when they were aa kid. The real events were from the relatives of the participants. For the fake story, they told the participants that when they were around five years old, they got lost in the mall and was very scared. In that study, they were able to plant false memories in about twenty five percent of the participants. Giving people misinformation can create false

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