Pre-Medical Field Studies

Medical field is very broad field providing a lot of opportunities for those who wants to become a doctors and physicians. Therefore, pre-medical students have a big range to choose what to pursue as physician. Becoming a physician needs to have a good plan to go through medical school processes.
As an undergraduate, I plan to take part in researching the effect of drugs on the human metabolism. It has been a difficult decision for me to choose the best suited field of study as an undergraduate to prepare for medical school. Studying the chemistry field will give me the opportunity to study the process of drug synthesis and become knowledgeable about treatment of bacterial infections and disease prevention. This field will assist
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I was searching for a research opportunity to conduct a research in health science, so having Dr. Neil E. Schore for my first organic chemistry at UC Davis narrowed the search because I am familiar with his website at the UC Davis faculty, and I have read about his research on polymer types and the reuse of organometallic reagents and catalysts since I was one of his students. All the information I needed was provided on his page on UC Davis website, but I could not find anything about him on …show more content…
• In which cases we can apply the concept of reusing the organometallic regents in the reactions?
• How the reuse of organometallic would change the purity of the product?
Dr. Daisuke Sato offers a research opportunities and projects related to medical field such as, mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias, nonlinear dynamics and drug development. He is specialist in pharmacology. He has a lot of publications on health science specially on theoretical and computational cardiology. My goal is to become a physician or involve in research related to my field of study, which is pharmaceutical chemistry. Conducting a research on drug development with Dr. Daisuke Sato will give me the opportunity to practice what I am studying now. So, this information created many questions in my mind such as:
• Do you think finishing 1 year of physics, math, chemistry and one semester of general biology would allow me to conduct a research in heath science?
• Based on that knowledge, what type of research I can

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