The Importance Of Medical Technology In Today's World

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Being a human in today’s world, one would look to the expert opinion of others that took the time to specialize in a certain field of study when we have questions or even some issues we need fixing. Such as when we visit the doctor 's office, a person goes there when they are sick, hurt, or just not feeling all that great. Now think about the hospital, is it automatically assumed the proper amount of patient care is received? In some areas and places that is true, others, not so much. In some hospitals, the ratio of patient care to paperwork is 1:1. Per every hour of patient care, an hour of paperwork is required in some hospitals. This hour could have been spent helping a pregnant mother with her first baby, a little girl with a broken arm, or that elderly man with a stiff hip who just wants to play with his grandkids. People think that patient care is the utmost priority of healthcare professionals, not so much anymore. The sad thing is, paperwork is not the only issue that deviates professionals from providing proper care. There are things like high cost of development for pharmaceuticals in the U.S., or even how the booming rate of new medical technology …show more content…
Every single person thinks of it as positive technological development. But what if someone told you there is a trade-off? Due to the rising amount of new medical care technology, some health care professionals are not able to actually keep up with the climbing industry and lack the proper training in using some of the equipment. They lack the training and knowledge in being able to understand how to use the device properly and even to read the information some of the devices are giving the health care provider about the patient they are tending to. Which, is causing them to prescribe the wrong medication or another method of

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