Patients Informed Consent

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Patients have the right to know everything about their medical conditions. While being aware of their situation they are able to approve or disagree medical treatments. Patients right also include their privacy which prohibit unauthorized personnel to access their record, or being present at the time of treatment. They are entitled to know what kind of risk they are about to go through with certain treatment or surgical procedure. In order for the physician start and process he/she needs to have the permission of the patient. The physician need to make sure that the patient understand everything about the process. If the patient does not understand he/she have the right to ask the physician to go over it again until the patient …show more content…
Informed Consent is giving the right to the patient to decide for their medical issue. That is, a doctor will go over the procedure covering the risks, what would happen in case treatment is not performed and what would happen if is not performed. If a patient’s signature appears on a consent form it means that he/she understood everything and agrees with what is written on the form. For example, if the patient have an operation fails, that it not nothing to do with the sing consent because that person already give their permission to proceed.

Proxy is the name used to describe a person representing another. When an individual’s ability are affected to the point of making decision for themselves and communicating in any way possible, another individual can be assigned to represent them and sign documents for them. This individual assigned is chosen by the patient. The authorization has to be written and signed in order to be effective otherwise, it would have no validation. For example, if the patient have a stroke and affected his ability to talk, a proxy can act for
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To explain, in the case of privacy if a patient’s privacy was violated, a court of law can enforce that right and proceed to penalize whoever needs to be penalized.
Battery is when a physician does a procedure to a patient without hers or his permission. A doctor would need the consent of the patient in order to proceed with any treatment or procedure. If the doctor has the consent approved by the patient he can precede, it is battery when the doctor moves on without this consent form. Battery doesn 't apply when a person is doing CPR.
The tort of negligence means giving a patient the wrong information about he or her medication. Also, is considered a negligence when physician don 't give a good explanation about the medicine, and is use incorrect that cause a failure.
Abandonment is a contract. When the physician and the patient have a contact that’s means that the doctor need to take care about the patient until the professional relationship end. The patient have to pay for every check out, if she or he was agree. But if the physician don 't let the patient make his or her appointment is considered an

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