Informative Essay On Violence And Video Games

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Within the recent decades, technology has progressed momentously, and with the advancement of technology has come better and faster news, media, and entertainment. With recent decades has also come a sharp increase in violent crimes and life in the United States. According to Harvard Research, the rate of mass shootings has tripled since 2011, occurring every 64 days on average by 2014 (Cohen, Azrael, Miller). Many U.S. citizens and advocacy groups blame the prevalence of violent crime in America on the easy accessibility of assault weapons (Nguyen). Twelve – twenty-five-year-olds made up about thirteen percent of the U.S population in 2005 and were responsible for around 28% of offender and 41% of multiple offender violent crimes (Escobar-Chaves, Anderson). Because of the demand of violent video games and constant …show more content…
Whether it the media and video games affect violent behavior or not, we can take preventative measures by starting early with our children while they are still in their young stages of life and adolescence. It is important to children to resist violence by properly parenting them and providing love and attention. Teaching children empathy prevents violent behavior and allows the child to learn understand and combat aggression. For parents, harsh punishment categorizes under the “monkey-see-monkey-do” act, leading by example to take out anger on their child by violence. Lastly, children should be taught to how to positively deal with rejection and (when being the rejecter), become more sociable. Preventing children and adolescents from affiliating with detrimental influences and promoting healthy relationships will in turn prevent aggressive behavior that is will altogether be more easily persuaded by the violence witnessed in video games and the

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