The Importance Of Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering is the broadest engineering discipline because it is the foundation for all of the other engineering disciplines. Roughly, it is the branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and use of machines. Mechanical engineers are taught how to design, develop, build, and test objects in various aspects of life. Due to the extensive curriculum an engineer must pass, mechanical engineers are equipped with the ability to apply their unique set of skills to solve any technological issue they may face. To be able to do this, engineers must resolve issues that they are presented with. Some clear issues of importance in engineering are channeling the creativity in order to modify old ideas and develop new ones to …show more content…
Not only does an engineer need to be Anterp’s definition of“ready” but they should have other qualities. To specify deeper, an engineer should be able to have exceptional leadership and management skills, work well in a team of leaders, have good communication skills, and a desire to keep learning. Benjamin explains some of the skills used in being an engineer. There are many different qualities engineers can have to be successful and they cannot be boiled down to just a few characteristics, they are endless different types of engineering minds and they cannot be boiled down in words. The point of engineering is to be ingenious and that does not need to be …show more content…
Reiss, he discussed the overall goal of engineering: to improve the quality of life for humanity. Dr. Reiss stated “...Global warming is a present issue we still don’t understand. ...And the big question is “What are engineers going to do about it?”.Mechanical engineers realize the myriad of issues present in the world today and are actively seeking solutions to solve them. In developing nations, engineers design resources to make water accessible to the masses. For example, Vestergaard Frandsen designed a water filter inside of a straw that filters out the contaminants in the water disadvantaged citizens would normally drink. His invention, Lifestraw, is an example of the goal of engineering in play as his invention assists impoverished citizens in gaining access to clean drinking water. However, Frandsen’s invention is only one small step towards the overall goal of providing clean water for the world. According to the National Academy of Engineering, an additional two billion people are expected to populate the earth within the next two decades. This will place more stress on the already deteriorating environment as the increasing population will demand more resources that the earth is not able to provide. The role of engineers will grow as they will have to find ways to both stretch the resources we have available and attempt to reverse the damage already done to the environment by humans. Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the 1992 United

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