Statement Of Purpose For MCPHS

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Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is the best college for me because it will enable me to be on the right path for what I would like to do for the rest of my life. MCPHS (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) has many positive components to it. The college is located in the center of Boston which is what I was looking for so I’m far enough away from Pittsfield, but not too far. This college also offers the exact major I want, and even offers a masters in only 3 years. Along with being able to finish my schooling in less than 4 years, I would also have a good chance of getting a job right out of college. MCPHS collaborates with all the neighboring colleges and hospitals that are nearby. There is a very …show more content…
From about the 10th floor of the dorms you can see Fenway Park in the distance, that’s how close you are. Everything including stores, restaurants, dorms and all the facilities MCPHS uses are all in walking distance. Roomng is only guaranteed for Freshmen who attend the school, this means after freshman year you most likely have to find an apartment. However, finding an apartment in the city isn’t hard, and while I was on a tour of the school they pointed out that many of the apartments are about a 10 minute walk. I think it would be interesting to have an apartment instead of a dorm after freshman year, which made me like this school even more. Another plus is all the museums are either a reduced fee or free to enter. Movie tickets, Red sox games, and Bruins game tickets are also sold to students at a reduced …show more content…
MCPHS collaborates with Tufts hospital and the Dana Farber cancer center. Seeing as MCPHS does clinicals and uses these facilities it makes it easier to find jobs once students graduate. If you’re already doing an internship at one of these places you’re more likely to be hired, and it is also experience in an actual setting. MCPHS does a great job of making sure you’re prepared for when you graduate. Getting to work directly in the field you’re studying can be very helpful, and also getting experience as your learning makes things easier. MCPHS also works with Harvard 's medical program which I found very interesting and intriguing because Harvard is a very good school. By going to MCPHS I would be offered many opportunities and that’s exciting. I think by having all these opportunities by the time I graduated I would be very comfortable in my

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