Service Learning Experience Papers

For my Service Learning Project I decided to attend mass at a local Catholic church. I am interested in Catholicism as I have a few family members who are Catholic. Plus a significant amount of my classmates in this religion course were Catholic so I wondered what it was all about. I am not that familiar with Catholicism as I have only attended a few masses in my life for baptisms, weddings, funerals and such. I personally was saved in a non-denomination church and have continued to attend a non-denomination church since then. Upon entry to the parking lot of the Catholic Church I noticed several differences between my church, Community Bible Church and St. Matthew Catholic Church from the architecture of the building to the size. St. …show more content…
Matthew they did not start the service 20 minutes of worship music like they do at my church. The music did not dominate the mass, it only acted to support the message. There was not a choir or orchestra. I learned that mass is always led by priest, bishop or pope, someone who has taken a vow of celibacy and given his life to God. It made me kind of sad to think that they do not have a family (wife, children, etc). Community Bible Church has a main pastor but we also have guest speakers from time to time. I sat through mass trying to keep up with what people were saying in response to the priest as well as the frequent standing. I learned that the mass is based on a specific biblical message that is being discussed globally in masses across the world versus the sermon being up to the pastor’s discretion as it is at Community Bible Church. When I attend Community Bible Church I almost always take notes during the sermon, no one was taking notes at St. Matthew. I noticed how the Catholic mass has a sequence that remains the same for prayer, music and pattern and regardless of what language you speak you can still follow. Communion was dispersed and is distributed at each mass where at my church we only receive communion about once per quarter and on special occasions like Christmas and Easter. I did not participate in communion when I attended St. Matthew. I noticed some other people not partaking and later learned that some of those people had not gone to

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