The Importance Of Martin Luther King Recreation Center

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After the airing of the special new life was placed into Strawberry Mansion high school with viewers donating books, notebooks, and calculators. Also, scholarships were donated for seniors heading off to college. The most generous donation came from Grammy award-winning rapper Drake, who donated $75,000 to help create a recording studio in the high school since the school had no music program. Drake hope the studio would inspired students and bring out the love of music that they may have inside of them. In the recent years, Strawberry mansion high school have started to turn itself around with improving states academic scores.
There are various different churches in Northcentral. The Churches play a main role in the community members’ lives.
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However, the community has the Martin Luther King Recreation center. The recreation center is located on 2101Cecil B. Moore Avenue, which is open six days a week from 8:30am to 8pm. The center offers numerous free activities to the community such as a gym, dance, boxing, yoga, a football team, a drill team, and an after-school program every day from 3-6 for children in the community. The center is a place where children can express their self and learn new hobbies. The recreation center serve numerous members of the community and it give children a safe place to hang out. The community is in the process of building the Martin Luther King’s older adult center across the street from the current one. The older adult center is for the seniors in the community can have a place to come and engage in activities. The Martin Luther King center is a place where everyone in the community can gather and have fun, without any …show more content…
Over the last few years, violent crime rates have decreased in the community. In the article, “These 10 Philly neighborhoods show promise for reduced rates of violent crime” writes “North Central Philly has an area running along Cecil B. Moore Avenue between 19th and 23rd streets that saw a decrease of 24.2 crimes per 1,000 residents. With a population of 785, the area saw an approximate decrease of 19 incidents of violent crime (”. Even though violent crime rates has decrease in the neighborhood, police are still heavily presence in the community. Robberies and burglary are still high in this community. I think robberies and burglary are still high in the neighborhood, due to the lack of job opportunities available in the community. Therefore, if there were more job opportunities in the community, robberies and burglary rates would

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