The Importance Of Marriage In Relationships

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Many marriages attested to the consequences of good and bad marital choices. Some illustrated as “a marriage compared to bearing the cross. A union compared to a foretaste of heaven.” The author, Gary Thomas, focused on Matthew 6:33 as a good example of purposely striving for God’s best and finding a blessed marriage. Many people disregarded Matthew 6:33 when searching for a marriage partner and dated on the basis of love and attraction. However, this verse, when abided by, showed a good guide for objective dating. When someone first fell in love, they tended to lose reason due to infatuation. This stole their reasoning abilities and proved dangerous in dating. Instead, Mr. Thomas suggested that overlooking their infatuation to evaluate their …show more content…
Although many people continued to develop maturity and skills such as forgiveness, healthy prayer life, and humility into their adulthood, wise people built relationships with those who exhibited healthy signs of maturity and good character. Wise people also identified their stance on gender roles, either complementarian or egalitarian, and acknowledged their boyfriend/girlfriend’s standpoint as well. Although both roles contained good points, the best solution to choosing gender roles within relationships proved to be focusing on God’s Word. Alongside gender roles, compatibility and the acceptance of each other’s individuality maintained importance in healthy relationships. Understanding and discussing the future dreams, plans, and possible setbacks in family relations with the other individual also assisted in aiding in recognizing whether the marriage would be a complement to each individual. Discussing spiritual matters, noticing the person’s conduct around others, and identifying their past conduct allowed each individual to better know the person’s true attitudes and personality before marrying them. …show more content…
Due to personality traits and life changes, people sometimes drastically changed attitudes. This tested many a marriage. However, Mr. Thomas believed that God’s service called first place. “When it’s mission first and marriage second, you realize you can serve God in a happy or a sad marriage, an unusually difficult or a (relatively) easy marriage.” Moreover, Jesus exemplified good relationship standard by deliberately putting God and others first. (CH 18) In addition, marrying due to guilt, money issues, past mistakes, or fear of embarrassment produced far worse results than the humiliation of a wedding cancellation. “If God calls you to marry someone, you need to be open to that, but make sure it’s a genuine call, not an act of guilt or false mercy” A choice made out of embarrassment lasted far longer than the discomfort of a few months of embarrassment and complications. Instead, it proved far better to break the relationship off before it resulted in a more painful

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