The Importance Of Marriage And Marriage

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Marriage, marriage is what brings people together every day. Today, it is a symbol of love and dedication. However, society used to feel that if a couple got married at a young age, the girl was probably pregnant. When couples get married, they have to think about the affordability of getting married, the bride and groom’s maturity level, and if the love they share is true. This is why most people wait until they are older and more mature to get married. Some couples even wait until they are successful at their jobs and are stable in life. I believe that it is more suitable to wait until couples are older to get married. When couples are young, who knows what they want, they have not lived long enough to know what love is.
When young couples, like those of high school sweethearts, get married right out of high school, they cannot pay for the wedding. Then who pays for it? Their parents—or the U.S. government—pay for the wedding, and the married
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Couples that are able to go to college, finish school, and get well-paying jobs that enable them to support themselves even before they are married. So it works out that both are able to support themselves enough that they feel they, together, can afford a wedding. During the time it takes to accomplish all of this, individuals have time to discover who they are and what they truly want in a relationship. This is what society calls maturing. With this individuals can confidently enter a relationship and marry a partner that they feel is true and mature to them. Again, by this time individuals know what they want in a significant other. My boyfriend’s parents are a perfect example of this. They were engaged for eight years, during which they both completed school, found great jobs, and planned the financial future for their future children. One of their children I plan to marry when we are financially stable and settled in a

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