The Importance Of Manipulation In Advertising

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Marketing is the directing of business concept according to the consumers point of view, and at the same time shedding light on the business goal of a company. Manipulation through advertising is an issue that consumers face on regular basis (“Manipulation: Theory and Practice” 87-90”). This practice distracts the marketing missions of companies, which are meeting the needs of customers. Consequently, it widens the power between consumers and the companies. Manipulative advertisements are difficult to factor out because of their controversial nature and content, enhanced by techniques, stimuli and mechanisms employed. Proving a manipulative advertising depends on observing principles through which companies advertise in areas where they are, …show more content…
In the contemporary business environment, advertisers need to realize some consumers are able to understand these facts. Therefore, there is a need for advertisers to become conscious on the impact of their advertising in pursuit of company profits, because the civilized portion of the civilians may bring lawsuits against them. Achieving of authentic communication between consumers and advertisers is a sophisticated phenomenon, taking into account that their goals are completely different, and each will work his way to achieve them. However, advertisements need to be aligned with ethical values in every aspect and components of advertising. It is evident that many manipulative adverts are very difficult to prove, like the above scenario, and no harder regulations will reduce the inherent tendencies towards manipulation through advertising. states that an important point to note is that conscious consumers benefits from advertising, by playing a role of self-regulation on the content they take in from adverts. Cooperation of marketers may impose self regulating by advertisers, which will result into reduction of the proportions of manipulative advertising

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