The Importance Of Mandatory Parenting

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Register to read the introduction… “Parents who don't know how to handle kids or how to connect with them at any point can result to stress for the parents which leads to either neglect or even abuse.” Dr. Edward Dreyfus explains in “Mandatory Parenting Classes”. The article also later goes on to explain that mothers who have more stress during pregnancy are more than likely to put the child up for adoption or even have it aborted (Dr. Dreyfus). Parenting classes teach parents ways to relieve stress during and after pregnancy; women with less stress during pregnancy would have less of a reason to make such drastic decisions. Around six percent of pregnant mothers who give birth decide to place their child up for adoption, thirty-seven percent have abortions (Trapani 13). These are alarming numbers, which answers an important question. Why are parenting classes important? They are not just beneficial to the parents, they're important to the kids as well. Relieving stress during pregnancy and relieving it by being able to connect with the child is a necessity taught at such classes. Connecting with children is very important as well as being prepared for what challenges they may bring. Understanding one’s child and having the correct knowledge could mean protecting them from a type of abuse to making sure they don't stick their finger in an outlet. Each is important when it comes to taking …show more content…
Parenting is the methods and techniques used or required in the rearing of children. Parenting classes teach and offer just that. Such classes offer basics of various essential parts of raising children. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Mandatory parenting classes may be the key to better behaved and brighter generations. Work Cited
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