Essay about The Importance Of Management Functions And Resources

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What are management functions and resources, and how do they relate to the performance and productivity within the organization were resources are applied. While managers have a lot to do within the organization the main function is to oversee how the organization functions, and this is done through using the proper resources; such as “planning, controlling, organizing, and directing through that of financial, informational, material, and human resources” (Drafke, 2009, pg. 245). Though, many people believe managers only have one job, actually managers have more on their plate than the eye can see, and it exist in as many as sixteen different areas; involving those within the main functions of the organization. How this is accomplished, is each manager brings together than main concepts from the functions and the resources, and combines them together to create one function; which is the position to which they hold which is administer. Although, syncing these concepts together is an everyone’s best interest, sometimes it can cause unforeseen issues to arise, and soon management is dealing with something else other than what was originally one one’s agenda for the day, like for example, trying to input everyone’s payroll; but instead their forced on hiring new employees to meet company demands. “while it is almost impossible, however, to describe the job of management or to learn managing by a single unit; it easier to divide it into four functions and four resources” (Drafke,…

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