The Importance Of Management Decision Making And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Balancing Responsibilities In order for a company to be ethical, it also should be sustainable. A company must balance between its social, legal and economic responsibilities. According to both Svensson and & Wood (2006), the company’s performance is measured by the effectiveness of management decision-making and corporate social responsibility (Svensson & Wood, 2006). Companies are acting ethically toward achieving the society’s needs in the present and guarantying a sustainable future for coming generations.
One of the corporate social responsibilities for a company is being sustainable. In order for a company to succeed it must gain the society’s trust. Sustainability might be reached by integrating problems that affect the environment into strategic planning (Svensson & Wood, 2006). Companies that preserve the environment as well as succeeding in all their responsibilities toward the society will grow and make more profit. Being sustainable also includes protecting the environment from any harm, whether it’s air pollution, land pollution or water pollution.
Even though most companies around the world work really hard to protect the environment from any harm, some corporations still fail to be environmental friendly. When a company fails in safeguarding the environment the company won’t be considered socially responsible. Yarow’s (2015) article talks about one of the worst companies for the environment, which is Peabody Energy. The…

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