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Making arts and crafts was always Kaci’s favorite activity since a very young age, in fact, it sounded more like “arps and craps” because she was so young she didn 't actually know how to say it just yet. Throughout elementary and middle school, art was always her favorite class to attend. Once she got into high school, Kaci spent less time in the crazy, messy art room and spent more time in the stinky, smelly gym. Little did she know, staying away from art wasn 't going to last very long. Right before Kaci’s junior year of high school, she was on her way to a volleyball tournament with her team when her coach asked everyone what classes they were taking that coming fall. They went around the car and when it finally got to Kaci, she told everyone …show more content…
Graphic design has so many branches of careers that it’s hard to explain what it really is. She has found the easiest way of explaining it is by pointing at the nearest bottle or poster she sees and saying: “that’s graphic design.” Or she might see something else like a billboard or notebook and will say the same thing. If you think about, almost everything has something to do with graphic design and that’s why Kaci loves it so much. Something else people really don 't understand is how nothing is ever “quick” in graphic design. You may see a simple poster with one word on and maybe a graphic and a few colors, but I can guarantee that it wasn 't so “simple” to come up with that design. Just like any other career, there is a process you follow, which graphic designers call the creative …show more content…
He writes that a brief could be written down, a conversation, an email, or none of the above! (137) It’s basically something that your client will give you (hopefully) with the information they want on the desired project and about the project itself; it’s the details. This will give you the main idea of what needs to go on the project before your brain starts to go crazy with designs. The next phase of the creative process is self-initiated brief which is when the designer puts together their design ideas and sees how well it can work with the information form the brief. Research is the next step. This is where the designer gets to find inspiration for the design. He states how most designers go off and look through their favorite design books or magazines to find this inspiration which some people see as copying, but there is a difference between copying and getting inspired by someone else’s design. (Shaughnessy 142) Shaughnessy says, “We’re not necessarily setting out to copy ideas; were looking for triggers to set off a chain reaction of inspiration.” (142) After finding all the great ideas from the research, you finally get to the process. This is explained to be all done on the computer taken from a few sketches that you may have done in your research. Different people have

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