The Importance Of Making A Better Tomorrow

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Making A Better Tomorrow College is the crucial link to a successful life today. Success is putting pressure of taking on post high school education on the students, and the pressure is more than they can take. Far too many students would rather work than have to deal with the many bills associated with college. Doomed are the students whose government refuses to help fund education. Any amount of help would be greatly beneficial for the entire nation. Government officials need to step up and they can really do this by promoting and accepting free community college tuition. Education is the key to success. According to Chronicles of Higher Education, students who have a Bachelor’s degree earn $58,340 per year whereas those without a college …show more content…
Students who are born into low income families are less likely to attend college and achieve their degree. In fact Catherine Morris states, 9% of low income students get their degree while wealthy students percentage is 77. Such a gap is astronomical. Lower income students should be given the same opportunities as the wealthy. Students with lower income are more likely to be laid off from a job and make less because they cannot afford their degree. Statistics show that 5.7% of people who do not have a Bachelor’s degree are laid off compared to 2.8% of those with (Chronicles of Higher Education). Allowing free community college and letting the lowest income group in would lower their rate of getting laid off. In fact, the percentage of those laid off would lower by two percent. Those numbers may not sound like a lot but it would greatly affect the lower group. With more students obtaining their Associate’s degree there would be an increased drive to achieve a Bachelor’s degree. Fran Cubberley says, “ having the opportunity to enroll in community college for free could inspire, and prepare, many to realize their dream of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree”. Someone who works with college aged students on a regular basis supports free community college for those who are not as wealthy. Another benefit for the lower class is that more of them would be able to get better paying jobs; therefore, rising the economic ladder that little to none are able to achieve. Opposers to free community college tuition might say that this would flood the market with too many employees. Although they say that, other countries have put emphasis on this type of system and have come out better for it. Such countries, like Norway for example, actually have lower unemployment rates than the United States. Trials in other countries have shown that free tuition can benefit those in the lower

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