The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important and a great way to combat many health issues. A healthy lifestyle is about more than just exercising and eating right, but moderation, balance and simple substitutions. Finding that moderation and balance can help one feel accomplished and feel good about one’s self. The choices you choose and the lifestyle habits that you acquire are an important factor in aging, which should make you want to choose healthy options and make sure that you are living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In the lifestyle questionnaire, I was surprised with my score of 10 out of 12. A 10 means that I am doing well with my lifestyle habits and anything below that means I need to reevaluate my lifestyle. I would not consider myself a person with the best habits, but according to the questionnaire I am obviously doing something right. When I was younger, …show more content…
When you see your life spiraling out of control or you are starting to take on bad habits, then you need to look and pay attention to what you are doing wrong and ask yourself how you can fix it or improve those habits. If I continue to practice bad habits such as eating badly and not managing my stress, then I would basically be allowing disease and other complications to develop later on in life. Berk (2014) does state some coping mechanisms for stress that can help me now in combating stress. I can one, make sure that I am reevaluating all the situations that I put myself in and making sure I focus on the things that I can control instead of the things that I cannot control. For example, when I am stressed, I need to assess the situation and figure out if it is something that I can or cannot control. If I can do this within all aspects and areas of my life, whether work, school or personal life, I am pretty sure that I would be less

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