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I would classify myself as a very needy person but not materialistic. We all have our wants and needs in our lives and we all want things to always go our way. Some of my future needs are to grow up and have a beautiful family, with an amazing job, and to come home happy and almost 100% satisfied with the life I am living and the career I have. I think it is important to try to be the best person you can be day by day. Strive to be the best of the best. We all want to grow up and be wealthy, drive that beautiful car and live in that big home that you and your family will live in (which is my goal) but when it comes to needs, it is not something I need. Nor is something we all need.
My biggest strength is I am independent and hard working.
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I am very loyal to the most precious things to me. Loyalty is a very important thing to be because I think it is good to give your time and devotion to anything and anything that matters. Loyalty is a quality of mine that has shaped me into the person I am today. I love being told that I am a loyal person. For example, a close friend of mine thanked me for always being there, always sticking around when times get hard, and for always dealing with the problems they through my way. This makes me think I am actually doing something right. It makes me think I am being the person I try to better …show more content…
I also hope to do well on my SAT's and to keep working hard with everything that I do. If I keep up with my good work that I am doing, I can get really far in my life and achieve all of my goals for my future. If I can accomplish these goals, this will help me achieve my intermediate goal which is to attend a college that interest me and I know I will be more than happy at. I would love to look at FAU (Florida Atlantic University) and FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). My long term goals are, to make a lot of money from my job and future to be more then satisfied. I would like to provide a beautiful, fortunate life for myself the way my parents provide for themselves and their children. My ideal of this is, living in a high rise on Fifth Avenue in New York City and then having a vacation home to visit in Florida. I see myself traveling a lot in the future. I hope to possibly travel a lot with my job as

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