The Importance Of Love In Society

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Ever wonder what this world would be like if there didn 't exist any labels like those that already exits? What if the label women, men or female and male didn 't exist where everyone could live their life how ever they wanted to live it of course without doing anything illegal. If you are a girl or a boy this society has establish certain codes and rules according to ones gender. Also, society thinks they have a say on the relationships between males and females. Also, guess what this society also thinks that they can decide on what one’s gender identity should be. Why can’t one decide what on things they want to wear, what they want to work as, and be in love with who they want to be in love with. Without society judging ever little thing …show more content…
While society see that type of friendship impossible tend to have a different point of in certain different of situations. For example, if a guy is seen with a group of girls society can have a different perspective depending in the situation and like if they are at a restaurant have lunch society might think he is gay and they will just start judging him just because he is friends with girls. If this situation takes place at a nightclub or at party society doesn 't think anything of it. They mighty think the guy is just partying with girls and flirting with them, also the way a the guy is dressed can affect what society thinks about these situations. Society can also have an effect in the relationship between a son and mother. “Boys learn that their connection to mother will emasculate them…pushing away from their mothers (Kimmel, pg. 469).” This does not only happened with mothers and sons relationships but also daughters and fathers relationships. If a boy is more attached to their mother society tend to call them a mama’s boy. Society tends to think that if a boy or girl have strong connection with their mother or father they will result as less of a man and less of a woman. Why does society have to make a poor boy and girl to push there mothers and fathers away just because they don 't want their peers and all society to make fun of them is does people really want to separate family in oder to please

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